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Despite the economy, shrinking population, and the very limited space for products in the stores or in the home, the Japanese love new products and the Japan market is still a very important market for anyone wishing to sell in Asia. Over the years we have imported and distributed an extremely wide range of products. Our roots were in fashion but after a short while, we were also delving into furniture and interior goods, health, beauty, outdoors sports and fitness products, mobile accessories, food and drink, even Welsh miners’ lamps and hand-built cars. On the industrial side, we specialize in marking systems for the paper industry, fertilizers and soil conditioners (which were preceded by coconut husk chips, and sphagnum moss) for the golf industry, as well as hydroseeders and hydromulchers. Despite providing our domestic customers with extremely attractive pricing, we do not select products based on price. Whilst cost is a factor on how well a product is received, it is of secondary importance when compared to uniqueness, performance and quality.

Representative office:

Some companies may prefer a local presence, but in view of related costs, a branch office or subsidiary, is not warranted. That’s where we come in. We find the right sales partners, conduct research and marketing, staff trade shows, negotiate contracts, and handle other duties, in the name of the principal. We can even help in the setting up of a branch office when the time is right.


Because of their quality, Japanese products are in demand the world over. Whereas the usual traditional craft goods may not suit overseas lifestyles, many can be adapted so that they do. Washi, Japanese hand-made paper is one. It can now be found as wall-coverings, lamp shades, clothing, jewelry and sculptures. The same workmanship and/or creativity that goes into traditional crafts can also be found in apparel, bags, footwear, accessories, toys, gadgets, and even the beer, awamori, sake shochu, tea and foodstuffs that we export.

Export Management Office:

Communication can be a major hurdle for many Japanese companies and, often as not, they do not have the staff to efficiently handle enquiries from overseas. We act as the export office of the manufacturer, handling all overseas enquiries, orders, invoicing, documentation, and follow up. Payments are directly to, and shipments directly from, the manufacturer. Buyers pay only the standard export price.


We represent corporations, brand owners, artists, photographers and designers, helping in the successful building of major brands, trademarks, products and characters. From strategy development to structuring and negotiating licensing terms, we help bring ideas and intellectual properties to market through the right partnerships in order to maximize earning potential.