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String Republic is the fusion between two universes: fashion and graphic design, in order to prettify outdated and ordinary wardrobe pieces. The simple shoe, which has remained unchanged for so long, is finally enhanced through graphic designs.

String Republic benefits from the knowledge and talent of artists well known in the industry, such as Eboy, Sauerkids and Buro Destruct. As Raymond Loewy often said in the 50fs : gugliness does not sellh. Whilst offering support to designers, String Republic offers a new chance to a product which is sometimes considered vulgar and archaic.

The choice of artists and the work was based on a long selection process. String Republic espadrille collections are thought of as an art exhibition smartly combining great value and young talent.

The gartificial sneakerh collectionfs name speaks for itself: gItfs an artificial sneaker!h Look closely at this footwear: you see laces donft you? And the casual design of a sneakers shoe? Youfve been tricked! Donft worry we fell for it too. The motif is in fact a clever trompe-lfoeilc (Illusion).

Sporty or elegant, thoroughly modern or gently metro , sometimes even bringing irony with the very classical side of the moccasin, these trompe lfoeil make String Republic a unique and revolutionary brand.

These are espadrilles to be proud of, traditionally made and sewn by hand.

String Republic spirit was born from the idea that graphic design can beautify everyday objects and make them original.

You, too, can join the community of String Republicans.