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Sido - New Generation Underwear

Sido was developed as an underwear brand for the world’s top professional sportsmen and women.

The unique material, Hohtai, used for Sido underwear took many years to develop and was born through the meticulous manufacturing culture Japan is known for.

The Hohtai material provides superior functionality and elasticity to achieve a fit and feel unheard of with underwear. Compression wear may increase short-term athletic performance but the pressure also leads to fatigue. Sido underwear was developed to overcome this problem. It is so comfortable one forgets it’s being worn.

SIDO - Developed in Japan - aiming for the world

Kacchu (armor) Pants

Strong spirited underwear for men going into battle

There are times when men must take on a challenge that affects their very livelihood. These men need something that will support them spiritually and fire them up. Samurai donned armor during the Warring States Period. The times may differ but the spirit remains the same. Kacchu Pants - for aspiring men !

Hohtai Pants

Medical bandage material has led to a revolution in underwear

Hohtai Pants are not just underwear made from this bandage. The technicians at Sido experimented with, and changed blend ratios of, the materials and weave tensions over and over again to create a new material never seen before. They created a material that retains the softness of bandage but with superior elasticity and seven times more breathable than regular material (a blend of 95% cotton 5% polyurethane) (Kaken Test Center - Japan Chemical Fiber Inspection Association). This led to the development of Hohtai Pants.

Sports Hohtai Pants

Highly functional underwear for the fighting athlete is the core concept of Hohtai Pants.

By utilizing the high breathability and elastic characteristics of the material to the maximum, Sports Hohtai Pants provide athletes with the functionality to increase exercise efficiency. Sports Hohtai Pants have a fit that is just right, and the unique mesh elastic quickly absorbs and dries sweat

Japan world Cup soccer 2010