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What is myBunjee™


myBunjee™ is a mobile phone accessory that simply fits over the top of your phone and clips to your clothing or your bag, ensuring it never gets lost, damaged or stolen again.

Ever lost it? Dropped it? Had it stolen?

Clumsy Brits (and we are sure they are not the only ones) have made over 1 Million mobile phone claims in the last year. In fact, only 11% of all mobile phone insurance claims were due to theft, whilst 60% were accidently damaged and 20% were lost. The main reason for peoples claims were:

1. It fell out of my pocket = 189,000 Claims

2. I dropped it on the floor = 176,000 Claims

3. I dropped it down the loo = 101,000 Claims

4. I left it in a bar/restaurant/taxi = 92,000 Claims

We know that myBunjee™ is the perfect solution to this ever increasing problem.

So no more BYE BYE phone just BUY BUY myBunjee™.

Why not make myBunjee yourBunjee?
We can brand myBunjee with your corporate logo and
can match almost any Pantone colour your require.
Great for promotional gifts and getting your corporate
branding out there.