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Pure Wild Honeybush

From One of the Last Pure Natural Areas Left on Earth
The Southern Part of Africa
A Powerful Story Begins

Pure Wild Honeybush (PTY) Ltd is a young vibrant company based on a unique concept of collaboration by four South African farmers who have combined their wild lands on the edge of the Baviaanskloof Wilderness in South Africa to create an ethically balanced business initiative.

With the strictly sustainable harvest of the naturally wild growing Mountain Honeybush plants, nothing is left but footprints. The company adds economic value to the conservation of the endemic Cape Floral vegetation; encouraging a conservation aligned local economy with wise and careful resource utilization and fostering the creation of natural buffer-zones surrounding the protected wilderness area.

Mountain Honeybush (Cyclopia intermedia), is 100% wild harvested, indigenous, non-cultivated, naturally organic, pure, nothing added, strictly sustainable, fresh and handpicked.

Pure Wild Honeybush: Sustaining a healthy balanced environment for people and wildlife and proudly sharing a superb wild product with you!

Seven of South Africa's eight biomes are found in this area and Pure Wild Honeybush is situated at the eastern extremity of the Fynbos biome/Cape Floral Kingdom and the western extremity of the Valley Bushveld or Thicket Biome which has an enormous diversity and endemism in plant and animal life, meaning species only occur here and nowhere else, as does the endemic Mountain Honeybush.

What makes this area further special is that it is a major water catchment area due to three mountain ranges which run parallel from east to west along the coast. In order, from coast to inland, they are:
- Tsitsikamma mountains
- Kouga mountains
- Baviaanskloof mountains
Together they form part of the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve

These parallel running mountain ranges influence rainfall considerably, rainfall drops within 80km from the Tsitsikamma mountains >1000mm to <200mm in the Klein Karoo at the other side of the Baviaanskloof Mountains

The difference between other leading honeybush brands is that Pure Wild Honeybush comes predominantly from the north facing slopes of the Tsitsikamma mountain range where rainfall is much higher than the Kouga mountains where others harvest. Pure Wild Honeybush also has a few sites with good resources deep in the Kouga mountains.

Pure Montain Honeybush lands have been combined into one wild estate which has the advantage of greater resources and supply via a well monitored harvest rotation system,

Honeybush is a species of Fynbos, which is a fire adapted vegetation, and contains terpinoids which are highly flammable when it grows to a certain age. It is dependent on regular fire intervals of about 10-15 years for its survival, otherwise it suffocates. Due to the combined wild lands which form one estate, Pure Wild Honeybush is less vulnerable to loss of wild resources in case of fire outbreaks. The wild lands are strategically spread enabling a stable supply of Honeybush.

Pure Wild Honeybush
  • Is fully traceable from beginning to end and to the exact plot in the mountains where the plants naturally grow wild
  • Is strictly sustainable, ensuring the survival of Mountain Honeybush in the wild,
  • Is only harvested from older resprouted plants where the phytochemical properties are high
  • Is not cultivated and has strong roots, providing top-quality product
  • Stands for care for respect for those who harvest, with decent wages for all involved.

Wild Mountain Honeybush tisane, also called the 'Golden herb' due to its honey-scented flowers when in bloom, is associated with several long-term and short-term health benefits, making it an excellent herbal option to regular tea.

As it is caffeine-free, low in tannin with a natural sweet floral taste it is the perfect choice of drink for young children and safe for women during pregnancy.

Pure Wild Mountain Honeybush contains no contaminants, colorants, preservatives, other additives or chemical residues. It is simply a 100% Pure Wild Herbal product.


For more details about research concerning the potential health benefits of this amazing plant, please visit the South African Honeybush Tea Association website.