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Hayashi Paper Company

At the foothills of Mt. Fuji lies, what appears to be from the outside, a small, rather ordinary, paper company. However, the family that runs the factory is far from ordinary and what is produced in the factory can only be described as EXTRAORDINARY.

Hayashi Paper Company produces toilet and tissue paper in a variety of designs. But they donft stop at the wrapping; they also print the toilet rolls. What better place to print an ad, or even a story. After all, therefs a captive audience just sitting there!

gThe worldfs scariest toilet paperh is how the media has described gThe Droph, a novella in 3 parts written for the Hayashifs by the well-known author Koji Suzuki, who also penned the popular horror novels, gRingh and gSpiralh. The story tells of an evil spirit that inhabits the toilet bowl. Of course, if that doesnft grab you (the story not the evil spirit), you could always have an original made (contact us for details). Prints are not limited to stories, of course. One can have original designs or logos printed.

How about Halloween toilet paper printed with a Jack-o-Lantern, Zombie, Skull, Mask, Mummy and Vampire ...

... or brighten the house with Christmas print rolls. gSeen it beforeh you may say, and you may be right, but how about teaching the rules of the road to kids, or a cartoon to help prevent drinking and driving. Health related rolls could be steps to prevent the spread of influenza, exercise advice ...

... or a printed tape measure to check your waist. Emergency type rolls could be steps to take in a natural disaster, for those who like or need to study, foreign languages can be taught (as can math, geography, history, and any of the other subjects we all love).

Black toilet and tissue paper. Ever seen that? Well, you can now. Very chic!

And itfs not just the paper. Hayashi Paper Company produces amazing tissue boxes. You may find your friends run off with the gold bars, your dog may chase the lucky cat, and your cat may try to eat the carp, but Santa will still be there smiling.