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Ellen Crimi-Trent

From as early as she can remember Ellen was always creating art. Perhaps it comes from the influence of a father who is a fine artist. Ellen remembers as a young girl creating Christmas cards with her dad's etching press. All through school her artistic ability could never escape her, whether it be creating a project or painting the backdrop for her school play.


In her high school years Ellen began to have an interest in fashion design. She decided she would like to pursue this as her major in college, the only problem which school to go to. She received a partial scholarship from Pratt Institute and decided to study there. Brooklyn, New York was a world apart from the small suburban town in Massachusetts she grew up in, but Ellen felt completely at home.

After her first semester she quickly realized that Fashion design was not for her, she would rather draw the clothes than make them, so she changed her major to illustration. Finally she felt like she was heading on the right track. Her experience at Pratt helped mold her as an artist and an individual, because of this working in Manhattan was the next step.

Ellen's first big job ironically was in the fashion business creating art for children's sleepwear. Soon after this job Ellen found herself working for a children's wear company as their colorist, then as an artist and finally as a designer and artist. Even though these jobs were artistic Ellen felt as if she was not growing as an artist, so she began creating prints for a print studio. Here she felt like she could finally create things she enjoyed. Things were going well but Ellen felt that there was more out there for her and wanted to make a name for herself. Since her designs were very big sellers she knew that next step was to branch out on her own and license her work.

She has not looked back since. Today, Ellen's designs can be found on everything from greeting cards to home décor to ceramics, in many major retail stores around the US and Europe.

Her designs reflect the many aspects of her personality, from whimsical to serious as well as decorative. "I am always trying new things because I never want my work to feel dated and tired." is a motto Ellen lives by. Her inspiration comes from various places such as magazines, books, movies, fashion and nature as well as her family.